Charlie Hebdo attack – Le Nouvel Observateur Expose

Charlie Hebdo – Everything (or almost) what you should have known about the attack but that no one has ever wanted to know

The information has gone unnoticed and yet it is surprising: according to “Le Nouvel Observateur”, French weekly newspaper as well as the main Parisian generalist periodical, Saïd Kouachi, one of the ruthless killer accused of the massacre of the weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, had a serious visual handicap.

The magazine, in its February 26, 2015 issue (No. 2625), interviewed one of the brothers who said “He can not even screw a screw”.

Charlie Hebdo – The blind killer

According to the Observateur authors, Saïd Kouachi suffered from “an eye disease” that “prevented him from passing his driving license: without glasses, more than a meter away, he sees nothing!”
CharlieAnother equally surprising piece of information went unnoticed: Helric Fredou, one of the policemen who was working on the case, committed suicide in his office on the night between Wednesday and Thursday, a few hours after the Charlie Hebdo attack, as soon as he finished writing his report.

Charlie Hebdo – Suicides begin

The suicide was reported exclusively by the local newspaper “Le Populaire”, announced on the local radio “France Bleu” and dealt with on the regional television network “France3” which realized the following service:

The strange death of the French police officer went virtually unnoticed on the main media, especially on local European ones. Only a local newspaper spoke about it, ‘Le Populaire’.

Everything indicates that there is no sign of double play or betrayal in this affair, but the coincidences of time and place in which this ‘suicide’ happened, inevitably make a doubt emerge if there may be something else behind it. The police department was quick to say that the man had long since been depressed and that I am of the opinion that probably the interview he had with a family member of one of the victims made him emotionally collapse.

But the family, friends and colleagues from the police department all said they were not expecting it at all. ‘We are all shocked. Nobody expected such a development… ‘a representative of the local police union told the press.

The service on Charlie Hebdo attack, created by “France3”, was taken from the Indian television channel “Zee News” but immediately deleted from the archives. You will not be able to view it even through the website, since it has also been removed due to the closure of the YouTube account where the video was associated.

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