9/11 – The ‘amateur filmmaker’ and the ‘home movies’

9/11 – Who are the ‘amateur filmmaker’ who, being in Manhattan, they filmed the ‘home movies’ of the attacks that we can find on the Net?

Before reading the names of those who have made the “home movies” of the events of 9/11, focusing on the work of these “makeshift” filmmaker, remember that the first smartphone on the market, the “BlackBerry 5810”, date back to 2002.
“Spirit” and “Sanyo”, however, have marketed the model “SCP-5300”, with camera, always in 2002.

The year 2002 it is also the year of the launch on the market of “T-Mobile Sidekick”, a smartphone announcing a new “form” characterized by a LCD display wide and slide that hid a keyboard “QWERTY”; This type of design has made possible the dissemination of text messages.

All these technologies are therefore after the 9/11 attacks

Still image taken from “The Missing Tape II“, amateur shooting made on August 18th 2001

Devin Clark: works in the field of computer graphics. Customer: Comedy Central, MTV, HBO and TCM;

Evan Fairbanks: worked for KSK Video Studios (creative programming solutions for television, interactive and multimedia); photographer for the agency world-renowned Magnum;

Luc Courchesne: visual arts in 3D expert; inventor of a sophisticated 3-D installation that simulates “life experiences alternative”, the Panoscope360;

Scott Myers: video technician for ABC; motion expert and designer of software 3-D. Among his clients are companies such as ABC and the US Navy;

Clifton Cloud: Manager of Scharff Weisberg Inc., a video production company whose slogan reads: “If you’re looking to dazzle the ears, mind and eyes , we have the latest equipment and expertise to do it for you”;

Jennifer Spell: independent television producer;

Naka Nathaniel: multimedia journalist specializing in “virtual news”;

Gulnara Samoilova: he worked for nine years as a “photo retoucher” (his words) for the Associated Press;

Sean Adair: digital and visual effects consultant on average;

Rob Howard, Kathy Caciedo, Moshe Bursuker, Robert Clark, Thomas Nilsson, Kelly Guenther, David Handschuh, Jedeon and Jules Naudet: professional photographers, awards Pulitzer , photojournalists and so on, and so forth.

9/11 – All ‘amateur filmmaker’, no doubt about it

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