9/11 – The dustification of World Trade Center

In the countless research conducted by the “9/11 Truth Movement” and debunker on events significant elements of 11 September 2001, have been always been neglected: the dustification of the Twin Towers is one of them

We have a few images of the south face of Wtc7, he turned towards the Twin Towers and one of them is so special to have attracted the attention of members of the “9/11 Truth Movement” and debunker.

The photo in question, taken from the site “9/11 Research” and only available in low resolution, has been at the center of a dispute concerning the missing, as they are taken, damage to Wtc7 which, according to the official version, would lead to the following collapse building.

As often happens when you are in the field of counter disinformation and false, in this case trying to draw attention to a dead end, not highlighting an item that should be obvious to the observer: the dustification of at least one of the towers of the Wtc.dustification

In the article “WTC7, il mistero della foto senza danni“, realized by Paolo Attivissimo, in which he debunked the most widespread 9/11 conspiracy theories, we can read:

The shadows cast on Wtc4 and Wtc5 from the skyscrapers of 1 Liberty Plaza and at 22 Cortland Street, leaving lit a significant slice of the square outside the Wtc4 just before the collapse of the North Tower. The size of the illuminated slice are maximum around 10:00 am. After the collapse of the North Tower (10:28 am), the illuminated area decreases more and more until it disappears.

Another element that allows to define the time of the controversial photograph is the partial lighting Wtc5. Observing the photo carefully, in fact, it is noted that a narrow vertical band of the façade facing the observer is illuminated, while the rest is in the shade. This configuration of shadows occurs only between 9:40 am (when the sun begins to illuminate the area) and 10:20 am (when the band becomes visibly too wide).

Therefore it can be concluded that the only time when you get the shadows shown in the photograph is before the collapse of the North Tower.

According to what was affirmed by Paolo Attivissimo then, this photo was taken between 09.58 am, when the South Tower collapses on itself, and 10:20 am, before the band becomes “visibly too large”.

In 22 minutes, all that remains of the South Tower is a pile of dust.

The use of thermate, thermite and nano thermite, at the base of the theories proposed by the “9/11 Truth Movement“, justifies the “free fall” of the Towers but not the dustification of the structures.
Spraying also demonstrated by the more well-known Italian debunker.

Nico Forconi – ControInformo

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